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Head coach Mike

Mike PicMike is an established Personal Trainer based in Manchester and his passion for helping clients towards their individual goals and targets is what really drives him in this industry.

In 2012 Mike decided he wanted to not only offer his knowledge and experience to one to one clients but to also to a group training environment. Mike created and now owns the brand Uni Fit and found the same rewarding satisfaction could be achieved through small group personal training sessions. Using the same values and beliefs from one to one training, the success of Uni Fit is down to Mike’s ability to offer fun and varied sessions and build a great rapport with all of his group members.

Mike’s passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle comes across in his own training as a multiple marathon runner, triathlete and Ironman, he leads by example in every way.

Mike’s expert area is weight management, nutrition and functional exercise designed to improve strength, muscle tone and also help manage your day to day lifestyle by offering his support and motivation to drive you to succeed and achieve your goals.

For more information about Uni Fit or if you are interested in joining our team please contact Mike by clicking here.

  • Favourite motivational fitness quote: Ge comfortable with uncomfortable
  • Favourite exercise: The plank (endless progressions)
  • Favourite food: chocolate!. I have a really big sweet tooth.
  • Greatest sporting or fitness achievement to date: Ironman UK 2014 & Photoshoot prep 2017
  • One interesting fact about you:  I now live in the countryside with my Fiancée and we are getting married in 2018.


Coach Giada

Karate, artistic skating, dancing, gymnastics, climbing trees (ha!)… these are just some of the sports and activities I was involved in when I was a kid. Ahh, good old days.

After graduating and moving from one job to another, from “catering stress” to “office stress”, I finally took what it has been one of the best decisions of my life so far: making a positive impact in people’s lives by sharing my passion, offering my help and doing what I had been missing for years: exercise mind and body to live as healthy and happy as possible for as long as possible.

So, after going back to study to get my Personal Trainer qualification, working on myself, keep learning and gaining experience as both online and offline coach, I am now here at Uni Fit, where fun and hard work meet together with personal and group coaching, four main ingredients in our very own #teamunifit.


  • Favourite fitness quote: I don’t train to shape my body, my body shapes because I train (is this a quote? Don’t really know where I heard it from, but it became my motto ever since).
  • Favourite exercise: Kettlebell swings and anything challenging that makes me say “daaamn I can do it” – handstands and all variations, pull ups (long-dreamed goal)
  • Favourite food: Pizza and chocolate… and cookie dough with ice cream on top
  • Greatest personal sporting or fitness achievement to date: national karate champion (back in the days)

One interesting fact about me: I am me 🙂


Coach Lee

What would you say the most important thing in your life is right now? Family? Friends? Your job? Your beliefs? Maybe it’s a Muller Crunch Corner?

Whatever it might be, you can experience that special thing more fully and completely when you feel good about yourself. I feel passionate about motivating others, but I know that I’ve got to take care of myself to enjoy it to the maximum. So what’s the best way to do this? Through professional Personal Training, pure and simple

Throughout my years of work in self-improvement, I’ve been devoted to delivering a thorough, professional and most of all enjoyable service to all of my clients, and want to continue working with people who have a burning desire to help themselves.

So feel free to sign up with Unifit and prepare to embark on a mentally and physically prosperous fitness journey with us, we’ll be happy to help you turn the (crunch) corner.


Favourite quote – “Strength doesn’t come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths.  When you go through hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Gandhi


‘Don’t find fault – find a remedy’ – Henry Ford


Favourite Exercise – Anything on a Spin / Watt / Mountain / Racing bike


Favourite Treat FoodSoreen Malt Loaf with Anchor butter


Greatest sporting or fitness achievement to date – Finishing the first of a few long distance runs at Leeds Marathon 2008


One interesting fact about you – I like to write sitcom and short stories







Following the popularity and successful Uni Fit Personal Training model, Personal Trainer Mike Pearce is looking for new Personal Trainers to join the Uni Fit family.

Beginning at the University of Manchester, the model which is based around group training sessions for staff and students held both during lunch periods and evenings, has expanded to include Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Uni Fit model includes HIIT training, running groups and outdoor circuits sessions, as well as  detailed nutritional advice and is a great opportunity for trainers to earn a regular income, in addition to their personal training clients.

Mike is now in talks with other Universities in the Northwest, and is looking for personal trainers to work with him and run their own sessions using the successful Uni Fit model.

If you’d like to know more, or get involved, please contact Mike directly by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can be in touch via our social media platforms:

Uni Fit Group Personal Training

Twitter: @Uni_FitPT

Facebook: /UniFitPT

Email: Info@unifittraining.co.uk