Packages & Prices

Uni Fit is the affordable Personal Training program that combines  exercise, nutrition, accountability and motivation. Our packages cost a fraction of the price of an average one-to-one personal training session in Manchester, without compromising on the results. With Uni Fit, you can get a month’s worth of training for the same price as just two one-to-one PT sessions, saving you hundreds of pounds. You can choose the package that suits you best.

monthly standing order payments: No contract just results!

Option 1:
£6 per session

3 x group sessions per week

12 sessions per month @ £6 per session

£72 monthly payment*

Option 2:
£7 per session 

2 x group sessions per week

8 sessions per month @£7 per session

£56 monthly payment*

*T’s&C’s apply.

Manchester Metropolitan University payment options:

Coming soon. For more information or to book your free taster session, please call Mike on 07595 517285 or click here.