30 Day Sugar Challenge

Uni FitThe plan for the 30 Sugar Free Days is relatively simple: no sugar, no grains and no starchy vegetables (potatoes, parsnips…) or high glycemic index fruits (dates, watermelon, bananas etc).

During the 30 day challenge you can eat most vegetables, most fruits, and almost any protein source you want, but nothing else. You also want to avoid any drink that has calories in it (that means no alcohol, no fizzy drinks, and no fruit juice).

I have to tell you that this is not a high protein diet;  I would prefer to see you replace all of your grains, sugars and starchy vegetables with low glycemic index foods. In a way, the diet is a vegetarian (vegetable only), fruitarian (fruit only) diet with protein added as a side dish. I suggest that you build a diet that is 80 percent fruits and vegetables and 20 percent proteins.

How much can I eat?

Eating more often (every 2 hours) is what I suggest. This not only keeps your blood sugar steady, but also actually boosts your metabolism. The key is that you are only eating Low and Below Foods, if you are doing that, then you can eat as much as you would like (within reason).

Foods you should build your diet around:

  • Meat and dairy such as chicken, fish, beef, eggs, cheese (in moderation).
  • Vegetables: You should have something fresh and crunchy at every meal; emphasise on low glycemic vegetables, but include them all: carrots (raw), salad (any green), celery, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, onions, kale, sprouts, cabbage, peas, peppers, tomatoes and others.
  • Fruits: These generally contain a lot of sugars and should be eaten in moderation, but there are low-glycemic index fruits you can focus on (see below). Try to cut all fruit in the first 5 days the slowly introduce berries.

Foods to avoid during the challenge:

  • Grains
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugars of all kinds including cookies, cakes, candy, look for the hidden sugars in salad dressings, table sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, and sorghum, honey, maple syrup, many juices, dextrose, sorbitol, high fructose corn syrup.

You can avoid many of these if you are the one making and preparing your own food.

The glycemic index is broken into three parts:

  1. High Glycemic Foods: which are foods that can dramatically increase our blood sugar.
  2. Medium Glycemic Foods: are foods that have a moderate, but still high impact on our blood sugar.
  3. Low Glycemic Foods: which are foods that make our blood sugar change very little.

What the creators of the glycemic index are not telling you is that there is another kind of food that doesn’t even show up on the glycemic index and these are called Below the Glycemic index Foods and it is these foods that you want to base your diet on. I will recommend that you chose foods that are either low on the glycemic index or below the glycemic index or “Low and Below Foods”.

Items not to be eaten over 30 day challenge:

Sugar (cane, brown, granulated, powdered, etc.) | High fructose corn syrup | Fructose | Honey, syrups or jams | Biscuits, cakes, chocolate (in any form) | Rice syrup & coconut | Sugar | Agave nectar | Sucrose | Glucose | Flavoured dairy products | Bread based items (pre-packed sandwiches, wraps, etc) & baked products unless homemade | Carbonated (fizzy) & manufactured Energy drinks | Artificial sugars or substitutes (aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, Splenda, etc.) | Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) | Dried fruit | Fast food | Processed foods/ready meals | Concentrated Fruit Juice, pre-packaged smoothies

In fact, if it has an ‘E’ number (which is assigned to all food additives) then give it miss!

Foods you should eat on 30 day sugar free challenge:

Fruit: most fruits are ok; avoid dried or high energy fruit such as bananas and all fruit juices. Berries in general are lowest GI. Homemade smoothies are good breakfast option. | Vegetables: Raw and cooked, avoid potatoes (including sweet potato. Unlimited salad and vegetables and should make up highest proportion of each meal. | Beans and pulses | Dairy: full fat milk, almond milk unsweetened, full fat cheese | Nuts & seeds: all natural | Protein: meat, fish, eggs | Brown rice or natural oats 50g per day (only after initial 5 day period) | Water, black coffee

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